What exactly is LOVOO?

Wherever our users find themselves, LOVOO is your Social Discovery Network with flirt factor. With us you will get to know likeable people in your immediate area. The Live Radar, the heart of the app, enables you to contact other members anytime and anywhere, to chat with them and to stay connected. The intuitively operated Community Functions offer you the best conditions for an easy and unforgettable flirting experience.

Is LOVOO really free?

At LOVOO, all important basic features are available to you for free. Additional exclusive features can be purchased using credits. Credits are our virtual currency and are offered to you in the form of different package sizes. You also have the opportunity to purchase VIP membership, giving you a flirting advantage over other users. LOVOO offers you a choice of VIP packages on favourable terms depending on the period of membership required.

How is LOVOO financed?

LOVOO is a Freemium project. This means, that the basic functions are free and more advanced functions and activities are liable to costs. Additionally, LOVOO is financed through advertising revenue.

Which Smartphones/Tablets are supported by LOVOO?

LOVOO is available for the following devices:
- Android Smartphones from OS Version 2.3.3
- Android Tablets from OS Version 3.x
- Apple iPhones from 4Generation, OS 5.x
- iPads and iPods from iOS 5.x

Can I also use LOVOO on a PC?

Yes. Simply log in here at www.lovoo.net with your email, Facebook or Twitter. We recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

Registration/Login doesn´t work

I haven´t received a confirmation email after registration. What do I do now?

With some email providers, LOVOO emails are sent through an incoming filter. Delivery generally happens within 30 minutes. If the confirmation email fails to arrive within 30 minutes, check the following folders in your email account: "Spam", "Junk email", "Unknown folder".
If you still can´t find the email, please check the email address you entered in your settings.
In the LOVOO app you will find the settings via your profile. Select "settings" (small cogwheel), followed by "My account" and "Change email". Or click hereto check your email and change it if necessary.

I have forgotten my login details.

Remember your email?

You will find the "Forgot password" function in the login area of the LOVOO website or within the LOVOO app. After entering your email, you will get an email with instructions about how to proceed. Click here to reset your password.

Don´t remember your email?

Please search all your emails for the keyword LOVOO in your inbox. When you find the LOVOO welcome email, please use the email address given with the "Forgot password" function. Click here to reset your password.

Still can´t find your email?

Please write to us via the contact form. The following information is needed to locate your profile: username and date of birth.

Please note:
If you see the error message "Try again later", we are probably under maintenance. In this case, please try again in 30 minutes.

Change login and profile details

How can I change my password?

To change your password on our Community Website, please click on the menu that appears at the top of your profile picture and navigate to the settings through the context menu. There you will find the function "Change password". Or click hereto change your password directly on the website.

Where can I change my email?

To change your email on our Community website, please click on the menu that appears at the top of your profile picture and navigate to the settings through the context menu. There you will find the function "Change email". Or click here to change your email directly on the website.

Please note:
After changing your email, you will have to confirm it again.

Where can I configure my profile details?

To change your profile details on our Community Website, please click on the menu that appears at the top of your profile picture. Then click on "Edit" in the section "About me". Or click here to go straight to this section.

Where can I change my date of birth?

To change your date of birth on our Community Website, please click on the menu that appears at the top of your profile picture and navigate to the settings through the context menu. There you will find the function "Change date of birth". Or click here to go to "Settings" and change your birthday directly on the website. Note: You can only do this once.

Where can I change my gender?

Please send us a message via the contact form with the subject line "Change gender". If you accidentally entered the wrong gender during registration, our support staff will happily make the requested gender change. Or click here to go to the contact form.

How can I change my profile name?

To change your profile name on our Community Website, please click on the menu that appears at the top of your profile picture and navigate to the settings through the context menu. There you will find the "Change name" function. Or click here to go straight to "Settings" and change your profile name directly on the website.

Please note:
If you profile name has already been changed once, there is a waiting period of 180 days before it can be changed again.

Community & Privacy Settings

I feel harassed by a user - what can I do?

Use the block function which you can find in any user profile and without limit. You are also able to report the profiles of users who harass you or infringe LOVOO guidelines. In very serious cases please contact Support via the contact form.

Can any LOVOO user contact me?

LOVOO offers you different chat filters. These allow you to block messages from users without pictures or unverified users, and more. To configure the chat block on our Community Website, please click on the menu that appears at the top of your profile photo and navigate to the settings through the context settings. There you will find the function "Configure chat block". Or click here to configure your chat filter directly in the app.

Picture guidelines

Which pictures are not allowed?

- Pictures that suggest or show nudity, sexual and/or pornographic acts
- Images protected by copyright/stolen pictures (for example pictures from the internet)
- Pictures that show violence, drugs, arms or similar content
- Pictures that show consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, hashish etc. by people under 16 years of age
- Pictures that contain text and/or contact details or from which inferences about personal details are possible
- Pictures that show masked, hooded or distorted faces
- Pictures with symbols, flags or other signs and offensive gestures of any kind (except recognized national flags)
- Pictures with registered trademarks
- Pictures which point to other webpages or show other commercial material
- Individual pictures of children and young people under 12 years of age
- Fuzzy, very small and/or not clear pictures
- Pointless pictures that do not benefit our community, such as material parts (floor coverings, plaster, other surfaces etc.), technical devices (vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, toilet brushes etc.), objectless, monochrome pictures etc.
- Multiple identical pictures

Which pictures are allowed?

- pictures on which you are easily recognizable
- Sexy (but PG!) pictures of you
- group photographs with your friends and family (if they agree to publish this content)
- Your pet (as long as you are on the picture too)
- personal creations and works of art (like Tattoos or drawings)
- nature and holiday shots
- your personal belongings
- Other personal pictures which do not fall under the 'not allowed' category


What are the advantages of verification?

Verification and authentication show other users that your identity has been successfully verified. Your profile picture will feature a seal of authenticity which will give you a flirting advantage over unverified users. In addition, as a "verified" LOVOO user, your daily message limit will be increased and you will be able to comment on pictures. Click here to verifiy your profile directly and gain a flirting advantage.

Why was my verification rejected?

There can be several reasons why your verification request has been rejected. Normally it means that the verification task hasn´t been completed correctly or gallery pictures are not suitable for verification.
Therefore, check the following:

- Have you uploaded at least one profile picture where you are alone and clearly recognizable?
- In the verification task, have you written the stipulated daily code correctly and legibly on the piece of paper?
- Are you clearly recognizable in the verification photo with your face and daily code showing?

All profiles are checked individually by a staff member and the verification photo is cross-checked with gallery pictures. Fuzzy photos or verification photos with several people will be rejected.


Where and how do I get credits?

Every day you log in you get 5 free credits. But we also reward you with free credits for many other actions. You can look at the free credits overview to see what these are. If you're impatient and want to get a lot of credits right away, then you can purchase a variety of packages at low prices. Click here to go to the free credits summary.

VIP upgrade

What is VIP?

The abbreviation VIP stands for 'very important person', meaning a person that has special privileges. As a VIP member of LOVOO you get a lot of features, that otherwise would cost credits, for free and you also get exclusive VIP features. On top of that, the app is completely ad free.

How much is VIP membership?

The price of VIP membership depends on the duration and payment method that you select. You´ll find the current prices in your country in the package description of the VIP section. If you are still not sure about our VIP offer, you can purchase an hour´s VIP pass starting from 100 credits and see the advantages for yourself. Click here to get more information about VIP membership.

I have received VIP membership as a gift or received a gift certificate for it - can I really get it for free?

Yes, you can really get it for free and with no strings attached. VIP invite codes allow you to try out the advantages of VIP for free. At the end of the trial period your VIP status will expire and will not be automatically renewed. To continue as a VIP, you must then purchase new VIP membership.

How do I cancel my VIP membership?

Several payment methods are available to our VIP members. Activation generally happens by a one-off payment. VIP membership is purchased at a fixed price for a chosen time period. Cancellation prior to expiry of the chosen time period is therefore not possible. VIP membership is renewed automatically with some payment methods. Please note the following information concerning our particular payment service providers:

VIP membership for Paypal:

VIP membership is renewed automatically after expiry of the chosen time period. You can cancel the automatic renewal of your VIP subscription up to 24 hours before the end of the time period in your LOVOO account settings, under the link http://www.lovoo.net/vip. Should you do that, VIP membership will not be renewed and will simply expire at the end of the chosen time period.

More questions

Unfortunately, my question could not be answered.

We are continuously expanding our knowledge base. Your question might be answered here soon. Till then, we want to help you directly. Please contact the LOVOO support team directly.